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Comedian Minister Diva

Comedian Minister DIVA

The Birth of Minister DIVA!!

Throughout my life, I always used humor to make me feel better, to make others feel better, or to make light of a situation.


Often times, when situations were very tense or people would just be sad or grieving, I would use humor to make people laugh. If people are laughing they are not thinking about their current situations. For myself, I used humor to make light of my situations. If I was in a bad mood or feeling sad, I would watch comedy shows that made me laugh. I believe that laughter is good medicine for the soul, even if it just provided an escape for just a moment.

As a child in middle school and high school, I used humor in a variety of situations. Sometimes my humor got me in trouble with my teachers! Oftentimes, I would say something funny when the teachers turned their back.  The kids all around me would be laughing hysterically and falling out their chairs. The teachers would turn around and say, “What is going on?” I would be the only one sitting up straight and with a serious face I would say, “I have no idea what is going on with these crazy kids.”  This, of course, made the students laugh even more!!  Philadelphia was certainly my training ground.

Minister DIVA

I moved to Norfolk, VA in 1990.  Throughout my time at Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Norfolk, VA, I was blessed to MC a variety of services. One of my favorite events was our Midnight Musicals.  OMG, it was showtime!  It was during those events that I would practice my comedy routines, on the sly.


When I joined Hope Aglow Empowerment Church in Woodbridge, VA, my undercover comedy routine continued. I used humor while teaching Bible Study, preaching, or as an MC.


One day, one of the members of the church said, “I really enjoyed that Minister DIVA.” The ironic thing was I always considered myself a Diva but when he called me Minister DIVA, literally a lightbulb went off.  I began referring to myself as Minister DIVA and so did members of our church.


Who is Minister DIVA? She is:


D - Divine

I - Inspirational

V - Very Fine and

A - A Crazy Thang


Minister DIVA was birthed out of a desire to encourage the people of God.  Although we have challenging situations and we are going through trials and tribulations, God will turn our mourning into laughter.


I am Minister DIVA, the Christian Comedian. Yes, Lord, it is time to take her to the next level. To God Be the Glory!!


Love You much and thanks for laughing with a Sistah,

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of

the future.”  Proverbs 31:25 NLT

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