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Coach De"

Coach De’

I Can Change The World! I am a World Changer!!

God has placed in me a calling, a desire, and a determination to be an encourager and exhorter of men, women, boys, and girls. My true heart’s desire is to empower people to overcome emotional, mental, spiritual, educational, economic, and technological barriers so they can maximize their fullest potential and become all that the Word of God says they can be. We are what God calls us, not what other people call you! I have been blessed to fulfill my calling for the past 37 years in the education area and in Christendom for the past 27 years. It is my time; God is opening doors for me to take it global.


For many years, I have desired to become a John Maxwell speaker, to be honest, I did not have the money to pay for the certification.  Praise God, He does not give you a vision without giving you the provisions.


In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, God opened that door!  He used my sister, Regina Brown, who gave me a financial gift to start the certification process.  The ironic thing about me and my sister is we just developed our relationship within the past few years.  My Father was not just a trip, he was a whole journey all by himself!  Let’s just say, Papa was a Rolling Stone!  If you know the song, you know his story!

Coach De Rain Irvin

I started my training and things were going well.  It was on the fast track!  On July 18, 2020, my son, Demetrius, was viciously attacked in church while trying to protect one of the Pastors, I lost my motivation and momentum.  But, God’s divine conjunction, He brought it back!  I was scheduled to attend the certification training in August 2021. But God said,  “No, you need to graduate in March 2021 because I have things that you’re going to be doing during the summer of 2021. God opened the door for me to pay off my balance and I attended the International Maxwell Conference (IMC) in March 2021.


As a member of The John Maxwell Team, I am honored and humbled to be a certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker. God gave me this certification as a gateway to open a House of H.O.P.E, Helping Other People Excel.


Like Esther, I believe that I am ordained for such a time as this!  Unlike Esther, I don’t have to go to see the king and risk death. I was called by the King of Kings for such a time as this to encourage people, to empower people, and to give people hope that they can overcome all their circumstances and be whatever they want to be. God will enlarge their territory, if you are faithful!


God has called me, appointed me, ordained me, and equipped me to be: (1) an encourager of people, (2) to help people reach their greatest potential, and (3) to help people maximize their gifts that will open doors of opportunities for them. We are all empowered with gifts and if we share those gifts with each other, we will change the world.


I am confident that as a certified John Maxwell Speaker, Coach, Teacher, and Trainer I will exemplify the attributes of the JMT DNA:  I will model consistency, add value and value people, exceed expectations, willfully grow, equip others, live intentionally, lead and lift others, demonstrate a positive attitude, nurture transformation, and most importantly to me, allow room for faith!!  I am determined that I WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!! I AM A WORLD CHANGER!!


With love, respect, and empowerment,


De’Rain F. Irvin

John Maxwell Member

Success is...knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others.” - John C. Maxwell

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